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This Bentley was a nice bridge from his good old American tastes, to the better way of driving, i.e., the European cars

The McLaren that he's got has to be the one that we like the most. It took him a while to choose better cars for himself.

salary of 13.75 Million Dollars (12.6 Million Euros) per year

Length 5 ft 10 in (1.78 m)

He's got his mother's name on his right limb, and Blood, for reasons unknown, inked twice. There are also a few other designs carve

He used to drive a monstrosity of a car in this Jeep Wrangler.

Earl Thomas Wife - Nina

Debbie calls him his miracle child. She had him after she was diagnosed with cancer and was told that she couldn't have any kids af

Dad encouraged him to fulfill his destiny as an athlete and was the one that introduced our man to the game. He is elated at what h

Birthdate May 7th, 1989